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Splunk Is Good For Cisco, But Cisco Needs To Convince Splunk Customers That Cisco Is Good For Them

Allie Mellen 3 days ago
On September 21, Cisco announced its intention to buy Splunk for $28 billion in cash, its largest acquisition ever and fourth this year. This is a massive investment and win for Cisco from two perspectives: observability and security. Cisco’s full-stack observability platform could catapult into relevance against established competitors overnight. Similarly, on the security side, […]

Navigate The Seas Of Developer Experience

Andrew Cornwall 5 days ago
Savvy (business) captains know the four personas of developer experience. Do you? Find out in this blog.

Budget Your 2024 Cloud And AI Priorities Wisely

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Technology Architecture & Delivery Leaders to learn where cloud, data center, software, and emerging tech budgets are shifting.


AI And Generative AI For The Software Development Lifecycle

Diego Lo Giudice 6 days ago
Learn six key points that a TuringBot pilot program should address.

When Is The Right Time To Invest In The Cool New Thing?

Paul Miller August 17, 2023
Not every emerging technology succeeds. Read more on how you can cut through the noise to work out when and where to commit your company’s finite resources.

Software Asset Management Tools Play A Critical Role In Your Optimization And Rationalization Initiatives

Biswajeet Mahapatra August 17, 2023
Current economic conditions are forcing many IT leaders to take stock of their existing inventory of software and find ways to optimize its usage. Optimization of software assets may be part of larger technical debt reduction or application rationalization programs, which help reduce costs, drive utilization of resources, and the freeing up of investments for […]

ISDP: Unified DevOps Platforms Coordinate Development And Operations

Andrew Cornwall August 8, 2023
It’s been happening for a while. There’s been a trend in the continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and release automation (RA) world: DevOps tools merging into a unified platform. CI companies such as JFrog and CloudBees have acquired CDRA companies like Shippable and Electric Cloud. CD companies such as Harness are buying CI tools […]

Generative AI TuringBots Win Again In Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Diego Lo Giudice August 1, 2023
Not only are TuringBots again in Forrester’s The Top 10 Emerging Technologies report, but they are expected to deliver ROI much earlier than predicted. Find out why.

2024 Tech Budget Missteps You’ll Want To Avoid

Explore benchmark data from Forrester’s 2024 Planning Guide reports for tech leaders to see where you’re over- or underinvesting.


Announcing The Detection And Response Development Lifecycle (DR-DLC) For Detection Engineering

Allie Mellen July 25, 2023
Too much data, monolithic software, and control issues. The security operations center is at a tipping point. Learn how following the detection and response development lifecycle framework can help your SOC get beyond it.

Kubernetes: Innovation Enabler Or Implementation Detail?

Devin Dickerson July 20, 2023
The only thing more complex than running on Kubernetes is figuring out how to run containerized apps consistently across different environments without it. Find out more in this preview of our Technology & Innovation North America event.

The Rise Of DIY In FinOps

Tracy Woo July 18, 2023
One of the trends that emerged from FinOps X in San Diego is that DIY tooling is on the rise. Find out why Forrester typically tries to dissuade FinOps teams from taking this route.

Dear Technical Architects, It’s Time To Sink Or Swim

Alvin Nguyen July 11, 2023
Technical architects are being called on to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced, ever-changing modern IT industry. Here’s what they need to do.

Get The Ball Rolling On Mainframe DevOps

Brent Ellis June 23, 2023
Mainframes Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon Given the rapid rise of cloud computing, one might mistakenly assume that the mainframe is dead or dying, but in fact, the majority of mainframe users say that they are actually expanding their mainframe footprint. Why? Certain workloads — or, more specifically, the scale of certain workloads — can’t […]

Get Bullish On These 2024 Tech Budget Line Items

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Technology Executives to learn where to halt legacy spending — and boost tech budgets to power the business growth agenda.


The Forrester Wave™: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2023: Say Goodbye To The DevOps Tax

Christopher Condo June 13, 2023
CI + CDRA = ISDP Last year, we announced the emergence of the integrated software delivery platform (ISDP) market. At the time, we argued that DevOps and DevOps-adjacent practices had reshaped the development and delivery landscape such that the boundaries between our continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery release automation (CDRA) coverage felt arbitrary and […]

Generative AI Will Change The Future Of Technology Organizations

Fiona Mark June 12, 2023
With the acceleration of generative AI as well as other emerging technologies, tech leaders must build long-term strategies to address the growing demands on the technology organization.

Cloud Powers Retail Through The Economic Slowdown

Tracy Woo April 10, 2023
The retail industry was an early adopter of cloud and has continued to expand its use. Learn three key trends from our new report The State Of Cloud In Retail.

A Greener Future For Infrastructure Automation

Naveen Chhabra March 28, 2023
Imagine spending most of your time during the peak of a New England winter researching for a Forrester Wave™ evaluation on a topic (infrastructure automation) that is hotter than ever. Is it a coincidence, or did we time it precisely to publish the report at the onset of spring? I think the latter. 😊 The […]

Recommendations From The 2023 Application Development Benchmarks, Europe

Dario Maisto March 10, 2023
The 2023 Application Development Benchmarks, Europe report is now available. This document mirrors the global 2022 Application Development Benchmarks so that European tech execs can read both in conjunction and get an even better picture of application development costs and practices around the world. In this blog, we give some recommendations to consider after reading […]

Align Tech Spending With 2024 Benchmarks

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Technology Executives to learn how to drive growth with strategic tech budgeting.


Will AI Reinvent Software Development?

What It Means March 2, 2023
Will TuringBots revolutionize the way software is developed? Or will they open developers up to new risks? Vice Presidents and Principal Analysts Diego Lo Giudice and Mike Gualtieri debate the pros and cons of AI for software development in this episode of What It Means.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms, Q4 2022

Diego Lo Giudice January 13, 2023
Find out how players evaluated in The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms, Q4 2022, lined up as Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers.

DevOps Theme Team: 2022 In Review And Looking Ahead To 2023

Julie Mohr December 12, 2022
Happy holidays from the DevOps theme team! Our merry band of Forrester analysts covering enterprise architecture, infrastructure, application development, application security, and technology strategy meets periodically to share research, debate trends, and dive into breaking news. What are a few of the trends and themes that have caught our attention this year? Let’s dive in […]
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