Mobile. Cloud. Workplace flexibility. 

Each of these are driving companies to offer remote work options more consistently. However, remote working has challenges related to technology, policies, compliance, and collaboration. 

The number one question I get from clients regarding this issue is:

“How can my organization embrace flexible work and remain productive and secure?”

Our upcoming report tackles this challenge.

How can you help? Let us interview you.

If you’re a technology or business leader with experience crafting or supporting a work from home program, we need your help.

We want to interview you and understand:

  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • Technology
  • Roles
  • Policies

Not on the remote work path? No problem.  We’d love to understand why.

Please contact me ( and Clare Garberg ( to set up a 30-minute interview.

As a thank you, we will send you a copy of the report.