• Curious about what’s on tap at the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange this year?
  • Event co-chair Steve Silver offers a preview of the new research that will be shared
  • TechX attendees will have plenty of time to network and enjoy entertainment in Austin

These days, keeping up with the increasingly complex B2B marketing and sales technology landscape often seems impossible. Countless vendors claim that their solutions can give you that edge you need to increase your productivity, but budgetary pressures limit the number of tech deployments an organization can pursue. So, how can you make the best choices and ensure maximum ROI?

Now in its third year, the annual SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange is a rich source of expert guidance on building the ideal tech stack. Drawing on the latest SiriusDecisions research findings, the keynotes, guest speakers and track sessions will provide hard data and real-world case studies. In just three days, attendees will gain many valuable insights to bring back to the office – and have plenty of fun along the way. I recently spoke with Steve Silver, TechX co-chair, on what you expect at TechX this year:

What’s new and different?

Steve: I’m very excited about two particular aspects of the event this year. First is our focus on the practical applications of technology that we’re seeing and that our clients are experiencing daily. We’re featuring lots of case studies and guest speakers from companies of all sizes. Attendees will hear stories of success, trials, errors and restarts when it comes to selecting and deploying technology. Second is the tie-in with some major new models that we announced at Summit 2017 – I’m especially eagerly anticipating a session that addresses practical application of the new Demand Unit Waterfall™.

Is there any major theme in the agenda or significant trends from the past year reflected in the event?

Steve: We’re really trying to mix up the sessions this year with a goal of giving attendees very practical knowledge, along with some thought-provoking ideas and predictions about technology. We want attendees to walk away with ideas about how they can advance their careers, solve a problem, engage end users and drive greater value from their investments in technology. If I had to pick one theme, it would probably be alignment between sales, marketing and product. In many cases, misalignment of the functional organizations is artificially reinforced by the technology each group purchases without a roadmap for integration.

What new research can attendees look forward to seeing unveiled?

Steve: A couple of sessions that I’ll highlight include a discussion about applying video game concepts to sales technology – and one on how to move beyond end-user adoption to delivering end-user engagement. We’ll be giving very practical advice on sales and marketing reporting – not just what metrics to collect, but how to make reporting and analysis a business differentiator. We’ll also be taking a look at the impact of artificial intelligence on sales and marketing, and helping our clients figure out how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage.

For those who have attended Summit before but not TechX, how is the experience different?

Steve: This tends to be a more casual event with a sharp focus on the application, impact and benefits from technology. But beyond that, our presentations lean more toward the tactical than the strategic. You’ll find a lot of how-to sessions such as a SiriusLab™ titled “Assessing Your Technology Functionality and Engagement.” Our hope is that attendees walk away saying “I can take that back to my office on Monday and apply it immediately.”

In addition to the presentations, what networking or other fun activities should attendees not miss?

Steve: Past attendees at SiriusDecisions events already know that we take fun time very seriously! We have cocktails, networking and entertainment planned for each night, and we’ve made sure to build in plenty of networking opportunities during each day. The event is being held within walking distance of much of Austin’s best nightlife, so we also encourage our attendees to go out and enjoy the city.

Anything else you’d like to highlight?

Steve: I would encourage attendees and potential attendees to view TechX as an investment in their personal development as much as a business event. It’s a chance to step away from the office, network with your peers, wander the marketplace of leading technology providers, listen to and interact with SiriusDecisions analysts, and contribute to the buzz that is the Technology Exchange.

Quick facts: 
Event: SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2017
Date: Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2017
Location: JW Marriott in Austin, Texas

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