• This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit will feature several must-attend case studies showing how real-life organizations use the hottest B2B technologies
  • Bigtincan’s case studies will feature stories from Cardinal Health, CA Technologies and Hologic
  • Patrick Welch, president and CMO at Bigtincan, recently spoke with us about his organization’s case study

This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit features more than 100 B2B practitioner case studies spanning all of the most important topics in sales and marketing technology. At these sessions, Summit delegates can hear from peers who have deployed various tools and platforms and learn how having the right technology in place can improve processes and results.

In this post – the third in a series with our Summit Premier sponsors – we spoke with Patrick Welch, president and CMO at Bigtincan.

What will your case studies cover?

All of our case studies feature our customers who have transformed their sales and marketing teams into closely aligned productivity machines through sales enablement and mobility. Each has used Bigtincan’s sales enablement automation platform to help their teams learn faster, sell smarter and become more productive.   

summitbigtincanKendra Singh from Cardinal Health will be focusing on how Bigtincan has empowered her sales teams around the world to engage with clients with ease through one intuitive application, whether online or offline, without the ever-present concern of content overload. The session will be framed around a “day in the life” of a Cardinal Health sales rep and how Bigtincan has changed way they prepare, present and engage with customers.

Steve Hanson from CA Technologies will be discussing Bigtincan’s effect on sales and marketing alignment in his organization – and couldn’t we all use a little more alignment? Cross-departmental visibility has been key to taking their operations to the next level.

Finally, Lana Monich, mobility solutions analyst at Hologic, will share how Bigtincan has given marketing the data it needs to optimize content creation, sales the ability to replicate success easily, and how implementing Bigtincan led to an over 200 percent increase in their CRM adoption.

They will all be can’t-miss sessions – we hope to see you there!

How did you decide on this particular topic and clients?

We chose these clients to share their stories because they are great examples of how blending the right technology with the right management and processes can drive impressive business results. The enthusiastic adoption of the platform by their teams proves that sales enablement automation can benefit many different types of users, from sales to marketing to service to communications. It’s not meant to be a tool for just managers – it’s meant to make daily operations easier and more efficient for end users, while also giving that ever-important insight into what’s working and what’s not to those making the strategic decisions within organizations.

Who should make sure to attend your case studies?

We truly believe that sales enablement automation can benefit organizations across the board, from life sciences to financial services to retail to manufacturing. Any sales or marketing professional who’s looking to give his or her teams the tools they need to increase productivity and engagement with each other and with customers can get value out of these case studies – they’ll be discussing universal challenges we all face.

What is the most interesting trend you think we’ll see in B2B this year?

We’ve likely all seen account-based marketing (ABM) become the newest and coolest way to interact in a more personal way with prospects. Who doesn’t want to achieve deeper account penetration, shorter sales cycles, larger deal sizes and more engaged prospects?

However, there seems to be a piece many organizations who are doing ABM are overlooking – sales enablement. Sales enablement platforms can provide a streamlined way to automatically push the right content to the right people to progress target accounts through the sales and marketing funnel.  The hyper-personalized content that is so key to ABM is only valuable if it’s being used at the right time, with the right person. We see the synergy between ABM and sales enablement to be so impactful and crucial that we are doing a demo theater presentation on that very topic.

Aside from your own content, which Summit sessions are you most excited about?

I’m most looking forward to the session “Nurture in a Demand Unit Waterfall World” with Erin Bohlin and Laura Cross from SiriusDecisions. I’m really excited to dive deep into the demand unit concept and learn how to create multidimensional nurturing programs to support the demand units vs. just the individual.

Anything else you’re especially looking forward to at Summit?

One that goes without saying is the Green Tie Gala – it’s always such a great time. Of course, we’re also proud to showcase our customers and how they’ve used new processes and technologies as strategic weapons in their arsenals in our customer case studies, and we’re also looking forward to the awards. In the world of tech where innovation is so key, it’s always inspiring to see what other companies are doing to innovate in the sales and marketing space.