• This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit will feature several must-attend case studies showing how real-life organizations use the hottest B2B technologies
  • N3’s case study will feature a story from Qlik
  • Marcel Florez, president at N3, recently spoke with us about his organization’s case study

This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit features more than 100 B2B practitioner case studies spanning all of the most important topics in sales and marketing technology. At these sessions, Summit delegates can hear from peers who have deployed various tools and platforms and learn how having the right technology in place can improve processes and results.

In this post – the second in a series with our Summit Premier sponsors – we spoke with Marcel Florez, president at N3.

What will your case study cover?

Qlik needed to find a way to extend its market leadership position and accelerate customer adoption. Working with SiriusDecisions and N3, Qlik determined that their best avenue for this was to leverage its partner ecosystem. This launched a radical – yet rapid – transformation of Qlik’s go-to-market strategy that has increased the pipeline in record time. This case study session will share details of how Qlik rapidly adopted industry best practices, redefined sales roles, and recruited and onboarded the right partners to execute the new strategy within six months of dreaming it up.

summitn3How did you decide on this particular topic and client?

As a 2017 SiriusDecisions Program of the Year winner, Qlik shared its success with the SiriusDecisions audience. We felt other organizations would benefit from learning more about how this was accomplished, and how N3 and SiriusDecisions can be leveraged support their own digital transformations – for both their partner ecosystems and overall go-to-market strategies. 

Who should make sure to attend your case study?

The case study really spans all of SiriusDecisions’ audience. The program demonstrates best practices for a holistic approach to go-to-market strategies – removing silos between sales, inside sales, channel, marketing and operations.

What is the most interesting trend you think we’ll see in B2B this year?

This case study is a great example of what we think will drive B2B success: integration – not only between sales and marketing, but also with channel and customer success teams. It’s something we’ve been focused on for years. When your entire go-to-market approach is integrated – and you have the right technology stack to provide insights – you see an acceleration in revenue and true focus on the customer’s lifetime value.

Aside from your own content, which Summit sessions are you most excited about? Why?

We’re excited to hear what Monica Behncke and Kerry Cunningham have to say about building the artificially intelligent revenue engine. N3 sees AI as a critical piece of the modern sales process. In fact, we’ve developed our proprietary AI stack, N3 OneGlass, to mine thousands of buyer engagements in real time, recognize patterns and teach inside sellers how to talk about challenges in multiple verticals. We’re excited to see how SiriusDecisions sees AI driving a better conversation with the customer to enhance the buyer’s journey.

Anything else you’re especially looking forward to at Summit?

One of our favorite events at Sirius is the annual 5K benefiting the VWM Families Foundation. Sam and his family are such an inspiration. It’s an amazing feeling to support this a great cause and a cool experience to run the Strip.