• This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit will feature several must-attend case studies showing how real-life organizations use the hottest B2B technologies
  • Zoho’s case study will feature stories from Stratton Group
  • Laura Burrus, product marketing and sales enablement manager at Zoho, recently spoke with us about her organization’s case study

This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit features more than 100 B2B practitioner case studies spanning all of the most important topics in sales and marketing technology. At these sessions, Summit delegates can hear from peers who have deployed various tools and platforms and learn how having the right technology in place can improve processes and results.

In this post, we spoke with Laura Burrus, product marketing and sales enablement manager at Zoho.

What will your case study cover?

Our case study will take an in depth look at how Zoho CRM is helping solve everyday business challenges by using advanced customization, workflow automation and transaction summit-marketplace-tech-zohomanagement. Our case study will focus on the real estate industry in particular. We’ll take a look at how Zoho CRM helps the Stratton Group manage its listed properties, turn prospective buyers into new homeowners and follow up automatically with potential buyers. One area that we’ll focus on specifically is transaction management and how the Stratton Group uses Zoho CRM to keep its transaction managers and real estate agents on the same page throughout the buying and selling process. 

How did you decide on this particular topic and client?

One of our fastest-growing industries to use Zoho CRM is real estate. We chose the Stratton Group of Keller Williams in Southern Arizona because Jon Tucker and his team have been using Zoho CRM in their real estate operation to manage their company-wide transaction system. The company uses Zoho CRM for managing the entire sales process for residential and commercial properties, including buying and listing.  Jon has used the customization features of Zoho CRM extensively – from setting up workflows to sending automated emails and tracking transactions. Using Zoho CRM keeps their real estate agents and transaction managers on the same page, giving customers a seamless buying or selling experience. With the recent release of our feature called Canvas Zoho, CRM users can add photos and custom buttons to filtered views within their CRM. This is the perfect solution for realtors and other industries needing visual representations to manage their data. 

Who should make sure to attend your case study?

Organizations with between 50 and 2,000 employees may find it especially relevant. IT professionals who are focused on improving process management and scaling organizations, sales execs (such as VPs, directors and managers), CEOs, decisionmakers and operations executives should plan to attend, as should anyone interested in learning how Zoho is rising to be the operating system for organizations of all sizes! 

What is the most interesting trend you think we’ll see in B2B this year?

I think account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns that adapt based on human behaviors are going to be more and more of a focus. We’ll see a focus on adaptive marketing that is made possible by increasing human connection powered by AI. With data being collected on every interaction, we will see more focused campaigns that touch on the exact needs and wants of those looking for solutions for their organization. By using hyper-personalized campaigns, we’ll see a collision of AI and human interaction.

Aside from your own content, which Summit sessions are you or someone else at your company most excited about? Why?

I’m particularly looking forward to the SiriusFoundations sessions on ABM, sales enablement and demand creation.  I love learning from the leaders of these industries and always take away a page full of notes and ideas that I want to implement into my team’s strategy. One session I’m particularly looking forward to is the Nurture in a Demand Unit Waterfall™ World with Erin Bohlin and Laura Cross. As a marketer, I’m always looking for ways to bring context to our marketing efforts. We’ve been rethinking our nurturing process and adjusting it based on data we’ve collected using built-in AI features of Zoho CRM. I’m excited to see how my strategy compares to what Erin and Laura have to say and see what areas I can improve.