Enterprises have heard their employees’ calls for increased flexibility, and now more than 25% of US information workers work from home at least weekly. But with subpar technology solutions and little face-to-face interaction, home or remote workers end up frustrated and out of the loop. Video provides a platform to engage, train, and communicate effectively with all employees, particularly remote ones. Enterprise video platforms (EVPs) can boost employee experience by:

  • Delivering on-demand training. Video engages customers and employees alike. EVPs offer interactive features like polling and quizzing to monitor progress and information retention. Video vendors told us that nearly 65% of their customers implement enterprise video solutions to educate and train their employees more effectively.
  • Broadcasting communications simultaneously. Our research showed that the top business reason for leveraging EVPs is to make employee communications more accessible. Town hall-style meetings allow employees to hear the same message at the same time. They also ensure that home workers can partake in companywide events and be on the same footing as in-office workers.
  • Sharing employee-generated content. When employees retire or leave a company, much of their knowledge and resources leave with them. Video platforms can convert that brain power into shareable, storable formats.

Video is no longer just bonus content, and firms should have a clear strategy around content creation to reap its benefits both internally and externally. We surveyed 28 video platforms in our “Now Tech: Enterprise Video Platforms For Internal Training And Employee Communications, Q2 2019.” Vendors told us they’re prioritizing AI, analytics, and integrations investments.

Enterprises can leverage in-platform AI capabilities for automated transcription, facial recognition, and scene detection. Check out the report to see how we segmented them based on size, functionality, and vertical market focus so you can choose the platform that meets your company’s needs.

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