All organizations need to leverage the AI-fueled (i.e., deep learning) revolution in computer vision (CV), but most can’t do this on their own. To help you realize your vision-ary ambitions, we have released our first Forrester New Wave™ evaluation of computer vision consultancies for Q4 2020. We looked at the top 13 CV service providers and consultancies in the market and evaluated them across 10 criteria. Organizations should engage these consultancies to support the full CV project lifecycle, including to:

  • Identify and prioritize CV use cases.
  • Acquire, annotate, and augment image and video training data.
  • Develop custom CV models.
  • Deploy and manage CV models on specialized hardware.
  • Design the user experience and develop end user applications.

We found three Leaders in this market — EPAM, Quantiphi, and Fractal Analytics — that stand out for their track record of delivering a wide range of innovative, demanding CV solutions that have been put into production with numerous clients and are driving business outcomes on an ongoing basis. Another seven vendors — Capgemini, Deloitte, Wovenware, PwC, Infosys, Insight Enterprises, and Accenture — are Strong Performers, offering many enterprise-grade CV capabilities; Grid Dynamics, Perficient, and Brillio are Contenders, with particular expertise in specific CV use cases such as visual search or AI-embedded internet-of-things solutions.

Use our Forrester New Wave as a starting point for choosing the right partner to help you tackle your strategic CV use cases ranging from drone-based predictive maintenance to document processing and from social distance monitoring to medical imaging. Feel free to schedule an inquiry with me if you’d like to talk in depth on the findings of this evaluation.

(Shannon Fish and Srividya Sridharan cowrote this post.)