Forrester is launching a new event in 2009 — specifically created to support Customer Experience executives. Please mark your calendars for June 2009 in NYC. As with all Forrester events, we're inviting the most highly regarded industry experts, and preparing top-quality Forrester insights that will be pragmatic and forward looking. Our theme for the event will be…

"The Customer Experience Journey"

What's the customer experience journey – and why should I embark on it?

I'm glad you asked. My colleague, Bruce Temkin, wrote a report to introduce the idea:

The Customer Experience Journey

[Customer experience is] important, complex, and broken. That's why firms should head toward Experience-Based Differentiation (EBD), a blueprint for customer experience excellence. But EBD can't be mastered overnight. Instead, companies must embark on a multiyear journey through five levels of EBD maturity.


Please make a date to join this event in New York if you want to:

  1. Discover how your company can navigate the Customer Experience journey
  2. Develop Customer-Centric DNA
  3. Share pragmatic advice with your peers
  4. Learn from the successes and failures of industry leaders