With nearly ubiquitous high-speed broadband and fiber optics saturating every corner of the known world, creating a tech startup has never been any easier. But coming up with a witty name for a new company continues to be the thorn in every entrepreneur’s side.

Fortunately, SiriusDecisions has the answer. After studying hundreds of best-in-class startup names, then running them through proprietary linguistic algorithms, we came up with a simple, seven-step process to guide budding entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople in creating the best company name possible. By adhering to most, some or even just one of these steps, you can take advantage of our foolproof process to name the startup of your dreams – even if you don’t have a product, service or dream quite yet.

1. Pick a word, any word. For example: “April

SiriusDecisions Startup Naming Process2. Lowercase the first letter: april

3. Remove one vowel (it helps with Twitter character limits): pril

4. Add a seemingly unrelated word to create a new, nonsensical (but very cool-sounding) compound word: prilfools

5. Tack on one of the following – .fy, .ly, .ize – to make it a top-level domain name: prilfools.ly

6. Replace the letter “s” with “z,” “i” with “y” and “c” or “ck” with “q” or “k” or “X.” Convers.ly, feel free to reverse the rules (i.e. “z” becomes “s”): prylfoolz.ly

7. Lastly, work an umlaut in there somewhere – anywhere (it adds a certain mystique to the name): prylföolz.ly

You’re Done!

Happy prylföolz.ly Day!