Digital is now the essence of how customers engage and how carriers and agents operate. The result? Insurance digital and application teams are executing their digital roadmap and commercializing their new thinking faster than ever before. But which are emerging tech bets that will meet rising customer expectations, improve business efficiency, and, most importantly, get funded in 2020?

To learn how insurers are going to prioritize their emerging tech investments in 2020, we interviewed and surveyed nearly three dozen insurance business and technology decision makers and solutions partners. We dug into their interests and tested the extent of their planned investments in 15 different technologies. What did we learn? For starters:

  • AI and conversational tech will see the greatest expansion of existing investments, while augmented/virtual/mixed reality and edge computing tech are the technologies that most insurers say they plan on implementing in the coming year.
  • There’s plenty of shiny tech poised to distract insurers in the coming year — for starters, blockchain.
  • Forty-seven percent of insurance tech decision makers call out AI as the top technology fueling their digital transformation strategy.

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