Verizon Wireless has begun the heavy promotion of music-capable cell phones in response to Apple's iPhone launch with AT&T. (See Fierce story.)

It's a good response. For many in the younger age groups, the new iPhone will be off limits unless their entire family (which is the case with tens of millions of subscribers in the US) can switch to AT&T. We just published research on the kids, tweens and young adult market. Most cell phone users in these segments are still on their parents' plan. About half of 18 to 24 year old's are.

A friend of mine called me about a month ago. Her nephew (age 16) was having a COMPLETE meltdown because he wanted an LG Chocolate (he'd just lost his Razr), but the family was on Sprint. They ended up getting him another music-capable phone, but not the LG Chocolate.

The promotion of music-capable phones and accessories is a good one.