We love to talk. We love to give advice. But we’re smart enough to know that we don’t know everything. Turns out, our clients, colleagues, associates, and friends community knows a whole heck of a lot too.

Now we’ve got a place for you and your peers: Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Discussion Boards. On the board, you can hear what others are saying and tell them what you think. Our analysts are also participating, in order to hear what you have to say and incorporate your feedback. With your support, this community becomes a way to bridge the ‘knowledge gap’.

So come chat with other marketers (you don’t need to be a Forrester client to join, but like any online forum, you will have to register). Respond to what a Forrester analyst has to say. Pose a question to anyone or craft a response for everyone. In other words, come join the conversation!

Feel free to send me your questions and feedback!