I'd like to introduce myself.

I joined Forrester's ForecastView team in May and am focusing my forecasting efforts on digital marketing. Before I came on board, I worked with the sales & marketing teams at ad tech vendor [x+1], now part of Rocket Fuel. In writing over a hundred proposals and countless other pieces of collateral and correspondence around RTB, DMPs, DSPs, SSPsPMPs, ATDs, etc., I came to develop an understanding not only of how ad tech works, but also of the marketer and agency agenda. I realized that the most satisfying part of my job was articulating esoteric concepts for internal and external audiences, bringing tactical order to the chaos Terry Kawaja visualizes in his LUMAscapes. So I came to Forrester as an Analyst to do this full time.

I cut my teeth at Deloitte Consulting, where I worked across industries (healthcare, insurance, banking, tech, manufacturing) and functional areas (marketing, finance, operations, IT) to develop master data management strategies, implement supply chain improvements & savings, redesign organizations, and streamline operations.

Besides these day jobs, I've also been passionate about organizational culture and giving back as long as I can remember (I ran my first political campaign in the 4th grade). This month, I'm leading the Movember charge at Forrester as our first-ever global team captain. I'm pleased to say we've already exceeded our goals for both team size and funds raised, and are well on our way to our stretch goals.

Enough about me… let's talk digital. Keep up with me on Twitter @ForrCarmine.