• Join the case study sessions at TechX to hear practical, peer-to-peer advice
  • There will be 14 sessions where practitioners will share their work to expand your knowledge of keys to success with technology selection and implementation.
  • Preview the list of practitioner speakers prior to the event

Making sense of the ever-expanding B2B marketing and sales technology landscape is no easy task – and there is no better way to increase your understanding of the latest technologies than to hear from peers who have already implemented them. At the second annual SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange, taking place in Austin from November 15-17, delegates will be able to attend dozens of sessions that make sense of the technology options that are available to them and best practices for how the technologies that their organizations decide to invest in should be implemented.

The highlights of this year’s TechX agenda include 14 practitioner case studies that will take place on the first day of the event. These sessions, presented by Marketplace sponsors, feature speakers from B2B organizations who will describe their experiences adopting new technologies, including challenges faced and lessons learned. Below is a list of the folks who will be speaking and providing these real-world examples to support these topics in marketing and sales technology.

Connect with them on social media and follow the event’s hashtag at #SDTechX to stay up-to-date on all the latest previews leading up to SiriusDecisions’ Technology Exchange 2016. And visit the TechX site to review the complete agenda, list of speakers and other activities at TechX.

Practitioner Case Studies

How Getty Is Driving the Adoption of Predictive Across the Organization

Predictive intelligence is helping Getty drive deeper and smarter engagements across the customer journey. Learn how Getty gained buy-in across the sales and marketing organizations around the value of Mintigo’s Predictive Platform and aligned leadership’s business goals with the operational and tactical changes necessary to deliver results.

Jason Widup
Senior Marketing and Demand Operations Exec, Getty Images
LinkedIn profile

Sponsor: Mintigo

Powering Sales Enablement With Technology Post-Acquisition

Hear how Spectranetics is implementing sales enablement technology to prepare their field reps to launch a new product, improve coaching quality and increase manager visibility into sales team engagement, readiness and competency.

Pete Bell
Head of VI Sales Enablement & Execution, Spectranetics
LinkedIn profile

Sponsor: Brainshark

Selling Content to the C-Suite: You Have to Find Your Window

In this session, you will hear how a determined storyteller was able to convince marketing leadership to drastically increase their investment in content marketing while surpassing business goals and overcoming obstacles in the process.

Justin Gonzalez
Senior Marketing Manager, DoubleDutch

Sponsor: Uberflip

Let Your Marketing Data Light the Way: Optimizing Funnel and Campaign Performance

The explosion of martech has enabled marketers to pursue myriad tactics and channels of audience engagement. However, marketing performance data lives in silos, leaving organizations in the dark about true performance and strategic opportunities.

Mitch Janning
Global Marketing Operations Specialist, Quantcast
LinkedIn profile

Sponsor: Full Circle Insights

Stop Customizing & Start Optimizing Your Events: How National Instruments Is Increasing Event ROI Globally With Certain & Oracle Eloqua

Learn how National Instruments is re-engineering its event program using Certain Event Automation integrated with the Oracle Eloqua Program Canvas to deliver highly repeatable and scalable event marketing using templated event workflows to eliminate manual processes and refocus efforts on delivering the best customer experience.

Helena Lewis
Sr. Group Manager, Marketing Operations and Technology, National Instruments
LinkedIn profile

David Johnson
Director of Product Marketing, Oracle
LinkedIn profile

Sponsor: Certain

How Pitney Bowes Got to Marketing ROI by Starting With the “I”

Every year, a top priority for marketers is the ability to measure ROI, but the reality is very few marketing organizations actually produce advanced ROI insights. Join this session and learn how Pitney Bowes leveraged technology to take control of its marketing investments, gain the confidence of its finance department and deliver three layers of ROI insights across the entire marketing organization.

Allison Smith Terrey
VP Marketing Operations & Analytics, Pitney Bowes
LinkedIn profile

Anna Alexander
Manager of Marketing Budget Systems, Pitney Bowes
LinkedIn profile

James Thomas
CMO, Allocadia

Sponsor: Allocadia

Mobilize and Empower Sales Through a Streamlined Combination of Techniques and Technology

Digital advances have changed the way we marketing and sell forever. The rate at which technology is evolving adds continual pressure for companies to adapt as well. To achieve revenue and growth goals, it is critical to embrace key technologies and strategies to ensure your entire revenue team is as efficient as possible.

Heidi Bullock
Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Marketo

Sponsor: ReachForce

Account-Based Marketing In Real Life: How to Create New Efficiencies in Your Funnel (and Budget)

This session will present a case study in executing ABM across the funnel, demonstrating how you can engage target accounts throughout the buyer’s journey, even while they’re anonymous; boost conversion rates while reducing marketing spend in every channel; and adjust your metrics and KPIs to tie marketing efforts to business outcomes.

Lisa Ames
VP Demand Generation, Demandbase

Sponsor: Demandbase

Using Predictive Analytics to Power B2B Digital Demand Generation

Learn how Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is pushing the boundaries of its demand generation efforts and developing innovative ways to use the intelligence of predictive analytics to drive hyper targeting.

Paul Greenland
VP of Marketing Operations and Demand Generation, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
LinkedIn profile

Doug Bewsher
CEO, Leadspace

Sponsor: Leadspace

Using Predictive to Align Marketing and Sales to Drive Success

When faced with astronomical growth goals, Cornerstone OnDemand’s marketing team realized it needed a way to scale efficiently while better aligning with sales. By deploying predictive marketing and sales to their revenue funnel, it is accelerating the revenue pipeline through targeted, data-driven campaigns.

Tracy Strauss
Sr. Director of Demand Generation, Cornerstone OnDemand

David Singh
VP of Sales and Success, Lattice Engines

Sponsor: Lattice Engines

AlienVault Grows Pipeline and Increases Buyer Engagement by 40% by Holding the Attention of Their Best Prospects

To cultivate more educated prospects and better identify who is ready for sales and who isn’t, AlienVault’s marketing team has thrown out the standard demand gen playbook and changed the way it distributes content to buyers.

Emily Thurman
Sr. Director of Demand Gen, AlienVault

Sponsor: LookBookHQ

Structure, Science and Technology – Procore’s Enablement Strategy

Learn about a unique enablement organization structure that is anchored in technology adoption, analytics best practices, and learning and development. Gain insights into an integrated technology stack and content delivery system that drives Procore’s sales and customer success organizations.

Bryan Siever
Sr. Director Enablement, Procore Technologies
LinkedIn profile

Sponsor: Seismic

How Event Automation Is Enabling Microsoft to Scale Their Global Event Program and Foster a Culture of Digital Transformation

Running events for Microsoft requires enterprise scalability at global scale, including localization and a flexible templating strategy to rapidly expand the event program across all languages and geos. Before using event automation, Microsoft faced challenges meeting these needs.

Payal Tiwana
Director of Program Management, MarTech, Microsoft

Sponsor: Certain

WP Engine’s Account-Based Smarketing Formula With Terminus

Learn how WP Engine implemented account-based smarketing to achieve better engagement with net new accounts. Chris Long and Mike Sanchez reached across the marketing-sales gulf to create outbound campaigns that aligned strategy, messaging, and tactics and achieved superior results in account engagement and pipeline created.

Chris Long
Director of Marketing Operations, WP Engine

Mike Sanchez
Sr. Director Acquisition, WP Engine

Sponsor: Terminus

For a complete list of all speakers and events on the TechX agenda, visit the TechX site.