I am happy to announce that my coverage area now includes data center services, infrastructure outsourcing, and semiconductors. This is in addition to my existing coverage of technical debt and enterprise architecture.

In terms of my interests in these areas:

  • Now that organizations understand what use cases work best in the public cloud, I am interested in discovering how this impacts both data center services and infrastructure outsourcing. Are companies being more selective in what they do in-house as well as what skills and experiences they want in their partners?
  • Will the impact of generative AI in terms of data centers (space, power, and future regulations) push organizations to leverage more data center colocation spaces or AI-as-a-service offerings?
  • The supply chain constraints at the top end of the semiconductor market are impacting the availability of AI services to everyone. Will the new class of chips (inference engines, custom logic) help companies pass this hurdle to achieve their AI ambitions?

If you are interested in discussing your viewpoints or experiences in these areas, please feel free to reach out to me! And do not be surprised to see me reach out to you. I am looking for perspectives from manufacturers, service providers, and customers to better understand the state of the markets and discuss the challenges and trends seen in them.