Realign Your CX Budget For 2024 Change

Prepare for the future of CX with our Planning Guide insights to target new opportunities for customer-obsessed growth and generative AI innovation.

Customer experience (CX) leaders are in the hot seat to align their CX budget for 2024 to compensate for past declines and generate business value (and revenue) with customer-focused action.

Yet our research reveals that only 64% of CX leaders expect to see budget increases in 2024 — making it crucial to cut back on redundant or poorly performing investments so budget can be targeted to areas that drive action and value.

Planning Guide 2024: Customer Experience

Download our 2024 planning guide for customer experience leaders to explore new budget benchmarks you can use to align your 2024 spend to support your organization’s customer goals.

The guide reveals where your peers are putting their 2024 investments across technology, personnel, services, data, research, initiatives, and improvements. It also shows which technology investments can help reverse declining CX quality and maximize customer value for the business.


Get your copy of this report to learn:

  • Where investments in AI and extended reality can deliver CX gains.
  • The three ineffective and redundant initiatives that can be cut from your CX budget for 2024.
  • The four CX investments that can drive action and outcomes.


What’s inside?

  • 2024 CX budget benchmark data to guide your decisions
  • Budget data on areas where you can experiment with your 2024 budget to improve CX outcomes
  • Guidance on the tech spend delivering the most CX value


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