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Research-based guidance on how to manage customer experience (CX) at any organization — an imperative that Forrester has been researching for over 20 years. Each week, Forrester analysts discuss key findings from their latest research on CX; analyze relevant topics in the news; or chat with CX professionals about how they’ve overcome prevalent challenges managing CX in their organizations.

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46: The Things That Keep CX Designers Up At Night

The CX Cast March 16, 2016
Customer experience pros know that they need to design emotionally compelling experiences that stand out from the crowd. But digital innovations risk being stymied by design tropes like overzealous push notifications and a predisposition towards screens. In this episode of CX Cast, we speak with Forrester analyst Andrew Hogan about what’s driving these worrying trends […]

45: Anchor Your CX Strategy In Customer Understanding

The CX Cast March 10, 2016
Great customer experiences stem from a company’s deep understanding of its customers’ motivations, goals, and behavior. This understanding is fundamental to breaking the cycle of asking and receiving feedback about the status quo to learn what customers are missing in an experience. But most companies aren’t conducting the proper research to support this deeper understanding. […]

44: The Big CX Questions Tackled By Forrester Consulting

The CX Cast March 3, 2016
In this week’s episode of CX Cast, we are joined by Dan Brousseau, head of Forrester’s CX consulting practice to talk about the big challenges they help clients with. Dan talks through the importance of having a CX strategy, and how deciding which customers you will not serve is as important as figuring out which […]

43: Three Types Of Invaluable Reports

The CX Cast February 24, 2016
Forrester CX Council Advisors Adele Sage and Amanda Brax return to discuss three types of Forrester reports that our clients have found to be incredibly helpful. Click the titles below to read more: How To Assess The Quality Of Your Customer Journey Maps Case Study: How Mercedes-Benz USA Fosters Customer Centricity Among All Employees Digital […]

42: Three Degrees Of Major CX Challenges

The CX Cast February 17, 2016
We speak with Forrester’s CX Council advisors Adele Sage and Amanda Brax about a few of the biggest challenges that our clients face and how we help them to tackle those challenges. Click the titles below to read more: Want Great CX? Make Everyone Do Their Part Where Are You On The Path To Customer […]

40: Loyalty Programs Unveil Your Most Loyal Customers

The CX Cast February 4, 2016
Loyalty programs are often touted as discount schemes that have little impact on customer relationships. But we find that when done right, loyalty programs encourage a company’s most engaged customers to identify themselves as fans of the brands. And we have the data to prove it. In this episode, we discuss how loyalty programs affect […]

36: Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth In Europe, Too

The CX Cast January 6, 2016
In the US, superior customer experience (CX) drives superior revenue growth when customers are free to switch their business and competitors offer differentiated CX. Does that relationship hold true in Europe as well? To find out, we compared the revenue growth of European companies with superior customer experience to that of their direct competitors with […]

35: Strategies To Earn Cooperation From CX Ecosystem Stakeholders

The CX Cast December 18, 2015
CX pros must dig beneath the thin customer-facing layers of their companies and align all stakeholders in their CX ecosystems. But gaining their cooperation is easier said than done. In this episode, we share five strategies to develop partnerships throughout the ecosystem who will enable better CX. Click the title below to read more: Getting To […]

33: Service Design Agency Overview, 2015

The CX Cast December 3, 2015
How can you be certain that a design agency will meet your needs? For starters, you should know five flavors of service design that agencies mash up in different ways. In this episode, Leah Buley discusses today’s varied profile of service design providers and offers guidance to help you choose the right partner. Click the […]

32: Four Approaches To Mapping The Customer Journey

The CX Cast November 25, 2015
Journey mapping is one of the most popular customer understanding and design tools. But did you know there’s more than one approach to journey mapping? In this episode, we explain four methods for mapping the customer journey and how to apply them: hypothesis, research-first, co-creation, and quick-fire. Click the title below to read more: Mapping […]

31: Customer Experience Predictions For 2016

The CX Cast November 19, 2015
Customer experience (CX) has become the top priority for business and technology leaders for good reason — few things drive customers’ loyalty more than CX. With competition intensifying and executives’ ambitions aimed high, CX pros will see growing interest in their nascent discipline from all corners of the enterprise. But they’ll soon find that not […]

30: The Role Of Social Media In Voice Of the Customer Programs

The CX Cast October 29, 2015
VoC programs are so focused on asking customers for feedback that they sometimes miss a key source of unprompted feedback in customers’ own words: social media. In this episode, analyst Maxie Schmidt explains how to incorporate social media in VoC programs. Click the title below to read more: Q&A: The Top 10 Things To Know […]

29: How To Build A Design Program

The CX Cast October 22, 2015
Design has been a hot topic in business for well over a decade. But now the business world’s interest in design is intensifying — particularly among B2B firms like Citrix, GE, and IBM that have each made large-scale investments in experience design and design thinking. In this episode, we discuss the genesis of design thinking […]

28: Refocus Tech Management On The Employee And Customer Experience

The CX Cast October 16, 2015
While most firms’ technology management groups prioritize compliance and cost-cutting, CX leaders focus their tech management operations on employee success, which leads to customer satisfaction, and ends up achieving superior cost control and compliance anyway. In this episode, we discuss how to improve CX by refocusing tech management and developing new habits for better CX outcomes […]

25: The Impact of Emotion on Customer Experience

The CX Cast September 24, 2015
We discuss the basic principles of human emotion and how to account for emotion, when designing for CX. Click the title below to read more: Understanding The Impact Of Emotion On Customer Experience

24: The Future Of Customer Service

The CX Cast September 3, 2015
Customer service has decidedly moved away from a phone-only world. Consumers across all ages and demographics have adopted digital customer service channels such as chat, mobile, web, and social. In this episode, we discuss trends in customer service and why companies must upgrade their tech.

23: Be Emotional About Customer Experience

The CX Cast August 29, 2015
Anjali Lai, from Forrester’s Data Insights Innovation team shares the benefits of managing customers’ emotions effectively and how one company excels at it.

22: Harness Guerrilla Tactics For CX Wins

The CX Cast August 20, 2015
We discuss how to effectively bootstrap quick-win CX improvements. Click the title below to read more: Guerrilla CX: Improving The Quality Of Your CX Despite Tight Budgets And Small Teams

21: The Rise Of The CX Professional

The CX Cast August 6, 2015
Customer experience is still a relatively new field – there are no university degrees in the discipline, and until recently few certification or professional programs. But now we are beginning to see signs of its emergence into a full-fledged profession. In this episode, we speak with special guest Paul Hagen, head of Customer Experience and […]

20: Why Cloud Services Enable Better Customer Experiences

The CX Cast July 30, 2015
We explore how companies like Uber, Netflix, and Pure Insurance are leveraging cloud technology for CX and how other companies can embrace the cloud to compete. Click the title below to read more: Four Things Smart Cloud Companies Know About Customer Experience