New Forrester research outlines 15 critical risks businesses must consider as they develop their respective pandemic recovery plans.

As organizations begin reopening offices, factories, retail locations, and other facilities June into July, employers must develop comprehensive pandemic management protocols (PMPs) that dictate which employees can return to work and when, and whether they will have to undergo additional medical screening and ongoing surveillance. There will also need to be strict PMPs for customers as they enter any facilities, protocols dictating how many customers can enter, mandates for masks or other protective equipment, and rules for social distancing, according to Forrester.

There are several critical risks businesses must consider, per Forrester, which firms will need to know to avoid or mitigate them. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Forced return to work before employees are ready.
  • Workplace discrimination based on age, gender, or health status.
  • Failure to ensure the safety of employees during their entire journey.
  • Violation of employees’ and customers’ privacy rights.
  • Inability to counter increased cyberattacks and insider threats.

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