Forrester today announced the launch of a new executive program for CMOs. An expansion of its existing offering for CIOs, the program is designed to help CMOs implement operational changes that focus on customer experience (CX) and digital transformation in today’s ever-changing landscape. The CMO Executive Program is led by Sheryl Pattek, vice president, executive partner at Forrester, who brings to the table more than 30 years of marketing experience for early-stage and Fortune 500 companies.

“CMOs have big jobs: They are charged with leading the transformation to customer-obsessed operations, which is not simply a shift in brand or marketing strategy,” Victor Milligan, chief marketing officer at Forrester, said. “It means driving change across the entire company in a competitive environment where moving fast has never been more important. Our Executive Program helps CMOs accelerate complex change. Through expert coaching and practical, hands-on advice, we help CMOs drive speed and minimize risk — to successfully lead a change program that defines the destiny of their firm.”

Pattek works closely with CMOs, offering customized, strategic advice to help implement customer-centric strategies that drive growth. Executive Program clients engage with Forrester in multiple strategy and planning sessions while also receiving consumer and business data insights and curated research that will help them deliver results faster. Clients can also utilize the Executive Program to assist with forming team alignment around vital initiatives and with other partners within their organization.

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