Service helps leaders anticipate and manage cybersecurity risks and deploy the right security technology to protect business reputation

SINGAPORE, April 26, 2022 — To help firms better prepare, anticipate emerging cybersecurity threats, and protect their reputation, Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) today introduced Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. According to Forrester, 49% of APAC decision-makers describe their business continuity plans as being ill-equipped to handle cyberattacks or other security incidents. This new service offers security and risk leaders bold vision research, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance to continuously manage risk and protect their firms against cyberattacks and emerging threats.

Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk is part of a portfolio of 15 research services designed for executives, functional leaders, and their teams across technology, marketing, customer experience (CX), sales, and product management. These services empower leaders and their teams to move quickly, de-risk decisions, and save time and money when tackling their most pressing priorities. The key priorities for the Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk service include:

  • Proactively managing enterprise risk and sustaining compliance.
  • Leading a high-performing security organization and culture.
  • Defending against cyberattacks and emerging threats.
  • Implementing identity and access management for human and nonhuman entities.
  • Establishing an effective privacy and data protection program.
  • Securing products through their lifecycle.
  • Securing and managing the risks of emerging technologies.

“One in three security decision-makers in APAC tell us that the evolving nature of IT threats is a key security challenge for their organisation,” said Dane Anderson, SVP of international research and products at Forrester. “Security, privacy, and risk management are the foundation of a trusted business, yet protecting business reputation against an increasingly complex risk landscape is no easy task. We are excited to bring Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk to the APAC region so that leaders can both anticipate and manage risks while also operating efficiently in a volatile business environment.”

Additionally, Forrester Decisions offers a personalised digital experience to help users intuitively navigate and share content. Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk includes three core components to help security and risk leaders make progress on priorities and plan for the future:

  1. Bold vision research showcasing the latest insights, trends, predictions, benchmarks, and market forecasts to stay ahead of shifting customer and market dynamics. Examples include:
    • Customer insights: Access to data snapshots that explore consumer and business buyer attitudes, behaviours, and technology adoption.
    • Forrester’s signature research: Forrester’s take on the important trends impacting business today. This includes bold research such as The Trust Imperative, which provides a concrete definition of trust and identifies key levers to help companies win the trust of their customers, employees, and partners, and Embed Cybersecurity And Privacy Everywhere To Secure Your Brand And Business, which explores how technology leaders must embed cybersecurity and privacy across their firms to successfully protect their brand.
  1. Curated tools and frameworks to tackle priorities with strategic models and plug-and-play templates, including:
    • Strategic models: Each Forrester Decisions service contains a core set of strategic models designed to help leaders take immediate action on their most pressing priorities. For example, The Forrester Defend The Trusted Enterprise Model breaks down five core sets of actions security leaders and their teams should take to protect their enterprises: evaluate and design; architect and implement; operate and automate; prevent and protect; and detect and respond. Zero Trust is embedded throughout each of these steps.
    • Assessments: Security and risk leaders can measure their state of future fitness to see if they have the right people, skills, and technology to achieve their objectives.
    • Certification courses: Within Forrester Decisions, security and risk leaders can take a Zero Trust certification course to adopt Forrester’s Zero Trust methodology at their organisations.
  1. Hands-on guidance to apply Forrester research to specific needs:
    • Guidance sessions: Executives can work with Forrester experts to apply frameworks, models, and data to specific contexts.


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