Forrester Research B.V. (Nasdaq: FORR), Europe’s foremost source of eCommerce research and analysis, today announced the further expansion of its quantitative consumer research product, Technographics® Europe, to 15 European countries. The Technographics Europe program provides clients with continuous quantitative survey data about consumers’ motivation and adoption of technology. Moreover, clients benefit from Forrester’s unique segmentation model: an innovative way of developing a marketing plan for any technology-based product or service. The expansion of Technographics firmly establishes this product as the most valuable tool for marketers of consumer products and services in the European marketplace.

“The expansion of Technographics Europe will greatly enrich our understanding of what is happening in Europe’s Internet economy,” explained William Reeve, newly appointed Group Director, European Data Products for Forrester Research B.V. “For the first time, European marketers can examine changing Pan-European consumer trends across all interactive channels: for instance, how new WAP services complement or compete with other online channels like the Web and interactive TV.”

Technographics Europe was launched in 1999. At the time, Forrester surveyed consumers in five key European countries — Great Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden — about their attitudes, motivations, and financial ability to own or use technology. The current wave of surveys will include 11 countries: Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Spain in addition to the five existing countries. By the fourth quarter of 2000, Forrester will have surveyed four more EU countries: Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, and Norway.

By the end of the year, 53,000 European consumers will have completed Forrester’s Technographics Europe survey. Forrester believes that the uniqueness of Technographics comes from the very predictive nature of the segmentation model and the fact that the survey encompasses not only Internet users, but also offline consumers’ behavior and attitudes toward technology. The 16- to 22-page survey includes questions concerning both online and offline media consumption, product/service researching, purchasing, payment and delivery methods, PC and consumer electronics ownership and usage, personal finance, and mobile communications.

“Forrester’s goal is to deliver an unparalleled view of Europe’s wired consumers,” added Reeve. “As we discovered in our last wave of surveys, European consumers are not all alike; evidence shows that there are very strong differences between consumer attitudes and motivations across borders and even among certain demographic groups. Therefore, consumers should not be marketed to in the same way. Technographics makes this easier,” stressed Reeve.

In the coming three months, Forrester will have received 23,000 completed surveys back from the field, from 11 European countries; worked with approximately 40 clients using Forrester’s unique Technographics segmentation model; and written six high-level reports that focus on the most significant findings in the data and analysis.