Service helps leaders keep pace with ever-changing digital expectations and build greater agility, resiliency, and creativity across the technology ecosystem

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., September 21, 2021 — To accelerate technology modernization, Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) introduces Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery. With 48% of global firms investing in digital transformation, this service offers bold vision research, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance to help technology leaders modernize their IT architecture initiatives through the integration of platforms, practices, and partners. 

Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery is part of a portfolio of 15 research services designed for executives, functional leaders, and their teams across technology, marketing, CX, sales, and product management. These services empower leaders and their teams to move quickly, de-risk decisions, and save time and money when tackling their most pressing priorities. The key priorities for the Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery service include: 

  • Modernizing with cloud and new computing architectures. 
  • Embracing modern application development techniques.
  • Powering businesses with platforms and partners. 
  • Delivering modern, resilient operations. 
  • Capturing, transforming, and delivering data at scale for AI. 
  • Optimizing processes with automation and robotics. 
  • Innovating with edge, IoT, and networks. 

“Modernizing technology design, infrastructure, and development is critical to accelerating digital transformation,” said Sharyn Leaver, SVP of research at Forrester, “yet nearly 90% of firms worldwide remain at either the beginner or intermediate stage of IT maturity. At the same time, heightened digital expectations and the need to deliver positive customer and employee experiences are putting added pressure on technology and architecture professionals to advance modernization efforts across their organizations. Forrester Decisions helps firms become more agile, resilient, and creative across the technology ecosystem to meet customer and employee needs in a new era.” 

Additionally, Forrester Decisions offers a personalized digital experience to help users intuitively navigate and share content. Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery includes three core components to help technology leaders make progress on priorities and plan for the future:  

  1. Bold vision research showcasing the latest insights, trends, predictions, and market forecasts to stay ahead of shifting customer and market dynamics. Examples include: 
    • Customer insights: Access to data snapshots that explore consumer and business buyer attitudes, behaviors, and technology adoption.
    • Forrester’s signature research: Forrester’s take on the important trends impacting business today, including how a future fit technology strategy provides organizations with the adaptivity, creativity, and resilience needed to succeed. One example, Power Your Business With Platforms And Partners, describes how technology leaders can best select and manage the foundational platforms and strategic partners they need to become adaptive and resilient and power future fit enterprises. 
  1. Curated tools and frameworks to tackle priorities with strategic models and plug-and-play templates, including: 
    • Strategic models: Each Forrester Decisions service contains a core set of strategic models designed to help leaders take action immediately on their most pressing priorities. For example, Forrester’s Modern Application Development (MAD) Model offers a multidisciplinary approach for technology leaders to run and refine modern application delivery. 
    • Peer benchmarks: Forrester Decisions provides clients with access to IT performance and operational benchmarks from more than 5,600 unique assessments across several regions and industries.
    • Assessments: Technology executives can measure their state of future fitness to see if they have the right people, skills, and technology to achieve their objectives. 
  1. Hands-on guidance to apply Forrester research to specific needs:
    • Guidance sessions: Leaders can work with Forrester experts to apply frameworks, models, and data to specific contexts.
    • Events: Forrester’s annual events in North America, EMEA, and APAC will showcase Forrester’s latest research, best practices, and offer actionable advice to grow customer trust and drive business results. These include Technology & Innovation North America, taking place November 23, 2021, and Data Strategy & Insights, taking place November 1819, 2021. Technology & Innovation APAC and Technology & Innovation EMEA will take place October 1920, 2021, and November 1718, 2021, respectively. 


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