Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) today introduced WholeView 2 Research, a comprehensive and unified view of technology’s impact on business.

WholeView 2 Research serves as the foundation for Forrester’s product families: Research, Data, Consulting, and Community. Clients use Forrester’s offerings to make decisions about business strategies, technology investments, implementation challenges, and customer trends.

WholeView 2’s debut completes the integration of Giga Information Group, acquired in February 2003. The research firm’s newly designed Web site is available today at

“By preserving the best of Forrester and Giga, we’ve strengthened our commitment to helping our clients thrive on technology change,” said George F. Colony, Forrester’s chairman of the board and chief executive officer. “High-performing corporations exhibit intense cooperation among IT, marketing, and business executives. Forrester’s WholeView 2 Research is designed to drive this critical collaboration.”

WholeView 2 Research
Forrester believes that technology choices and business goals are inextricably linked. WholeView 2 Research addresses this imperative by helping companies understand the interplay of business demands and technology capabilities through two main components:

  • Business View: Targets industry-specific challenges and best practices, as well as trends and big ideas about customer-facing issues. This research is most closely tied to the decisions of marketers, business strategists, product developers, and customer experience managers.
  • IT View: Provides a deep focus on IT management and technology investment issues, as well as developments in technology products and services. This analysis matches the issues challenging IT leaders and architects, technology product designers, and marketers and business strategists at technology providers.

According to Louise Garnett, vice president and lead analyst at Outsell Inc., a research and advisory firm focused on the information content industry, “The WholeView really does add up to more than the sum of its parts. For organizations looking for a competitively priced ‘whole view’ of IT advisory service that brings together Forrester’s future-oriented business perspective with Giga’s strong IT-centric view, WholeView 2 is content worth watching and represents a very solid alternative.”

Beyond WholeView 2 Research
In addition to WholeView 2 Research, Forrester offers Data, Consulting, and Community products to its clients.

  • Data: Forrester’s Data products focus on consumers’ and business users’ attitudes about and behavior toward technology, including purchasing habits, spending plans, and adoption trends.
  • Consulting: Forrester’s Consulting programs leverage WholeView 2 Research to cover a wide range of business decisions in the areas of market strategy, the effective use of technology, innovation, organizational design, supply and demand networks, and IT sourcing.
  • Community: Forrester’s Community programs — the Forrester Oval Program™ and Forrester Events, Workshops, and Boot Camps — are designed to foster effective connections between peers, analysts, and research to help clients make better-informed decisions.

WholeView 2 Research and other Forrester products can be purchased together or separately.