Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced the launch of an affiliate network to promote the sale of Forrester’s Internet research products from leading sites across the Web. The affiliate program will enable Forrester to build a global network of high-traffic sites to distribute its Baseline Research products to entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to leverage the Internet for business success.

“Forrester is applying the lessons learned from its own research,” said William M. Bluestein, Ph.D., president and chief operating officer of Forrester. “The Internet is the perfect channel for distributing our research products. In addition to providing a cost-effective means of distribution, the affiliate network extends the availability of our products to companies beyond our traditional corporate audience.”

“The affiliate program will enable us to reach an entirely new segment of the market — we call it the Fortune 50,000,” said John W. Boynton, Forrester’s vice president, business development. “There are entrepreneurs and business executives at companies around the world who do not have corporate relationships with Forrester. The affiliate program will make it much easier for these individuals to obtain and benefit from Forrester’s research findings. The end result? A much larger base of satisfied, successful clients who deliver greater value to their customers.”

Forrester’s affiliate partners to date include a number of industry-leading news and information sites, such as Administaff, CNET, Deep Canyon,, and The Industry Standard. Forrester also expects to add affiliates in Europe and Asia in the weeks ahead.

“Our relationship with Forrester is already generating a steady revenue stream for The Industry Standard,” said Joe Walowski, vice president of business and product development, The Industry Standard. “Clearly, our users are responding to the attractive price point and business value of Forrester’s Baseline products.”

Interested companies can learn more and apply for membership in Forrester’s affiliate network at The Forrester affiliate program is being built and managed by Be Free.