Forrester Research B.V. (Nasdaq: FORR), has confirmed its commitment to the emerging Spanish market with the announcement of an exclusive strategic channel alliance with Market2c. Based in Madrid, Market2c is a consulting firm that helps Spanish companies develop, implement, and fulfill business and technology strategies.

“While eCommerce in Southern European countries lags behind their Northern neighbors, Spain has massive potential for growth — and, in fact, is leading in some sectors such as the consumer adoption of online banking services,” said Forrester’s Managing Director Europe, Robert W. Davidson. “Partnering with Market2c is an ideal opportunity for Forrester to maximize its market opportunity in this important emerging European market.”

Miguel Martinez Espinar, managing director of Market2c, said: “As Spanish consumers and businesses begin to embrace technology and the market starts to mature over the coming two years, we will be well-placed to capitalize on the opportunities this partnership affords us both. Our local expertise and proven track record are a perfect complement to Forrester’s well-established leading global, North American, and European ICT research coverage. We look forward to playing a crucial role in helping Forrester extend its knowledge leadership in Europe.”

Market2c works with companies to maximize the positive impact of their corporate strategies. With a team with more than 15 years of strategic consulting experience, Market2c has developed a unique methodology, Experience Management, which addresses business, marketing, and technology issues for companies facing acute time and cost restrictions in highly competitive markets.