The newly published Media Buyers’ Table by Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR) provides UK media planners and buyers with a unique set of metrics to enable the implementation of more targeted and successful online marketing campaigns. The Media Buyers’ Table uses data collected on Web sites that participate in its online consumer research survey, the UK Internet User Monitor™ (UKIUM). Of the more than 120 UK Web sites that took part in the UKIUM survey, 44 have agreed to publish their site’s data in the Media Buyers’ Table.

“Advertisers are increasingly measuring the success of online advertising, rather than just trusting that traffic equals success, and paying CPMs according to basic demographic measures of sites,” said William Reeve, group director at Forrester. “In today’s challenging climate for online advertisers, accurate campaign planning and reporting is crucial. So, not only knowing the demographic profile of a given Web site’s users, but also what proportion of its visitors had bought online, clicked on ads, and even bought as a result of an online ad, enables planners and buyers to make far more informed choices about ad placement.

“Forrester¿s Media Buyers’ Table provides unique insight into UK Web users’ attitudes and responses to online ads. With the publication of the Media Buyers’ Table as a complement to our Internet AdWatch™ product, Forrester provides UK media planners and buyers with the most comprehensive set of campaign planning and measurement tools available,” Reeve added.

Crucially, the Media Buyers’ Table comprises 10 key data points which include standard demographics like age and social grade; Internet behaviours such as online buying; and attitudes toward online advertising — for instance, a user’s propensity to click on ads and how she feels about Web advertising. These data points are applied to each of the 44 sites participating in the Media Buyers’ Table of the UK’s highest-traffic Web sites including Guardian Unlimited, MSN,, Carlton, and Lycos. The data will be refreshed every six months, in line with the reporting periods of UKIUM.

More than 120 Web sites, with total traffic of more than 1 billion page views per month, participated in the UKIUM survey which ran between April 25 and May 21, 2001. The UKIUM survey combines offline face-to-face and mail-out survey research with online polling on a number of UK sites. Additionally, Forrester carried out 2,338 offline face-to-face interviews (via Ipsos- RSL), 4,310 mail-out surveys via Taylor Nelson Sofres and 60,809 online surveys. The online results were then weighted according to the offline responses.