The healthcare industry is being disruptedEmerging tech and a widespread access to data will enable customer profiling, and healthcare reform and disruptors like Amazon entering the market add fuel to the fire. As the industry that ranks fourth to last in Forrester’s CX Index – a survey of more than 110,000 consumers across 300 brands in 19 industries –  it’s clear that healthcare insurers have work to do to keep up with members’ evolving expectations. 

Personalized customer experience is a well-recognized requirement in industries like retail and banking, but there are few things that are more personal to an individual than their health,” Senior Analyst Arielle Trzcinski said. There’s an alarmingly low level of customer satisfaction in health insurance because barriers like antiquated tech stacks, conservative cultures and limited budgets hold them back from creating great CX programs.” 

Forrester believes that an overhaul of the health insurance industries is needed now for insurers to survive. Read more here.