Forrester unveiled new research today at its MARKETING 2016 Forum in New York City highlighting how marketers can thrive in a post-digital world. Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk presented on the topic, and key takeaways included:

  • “Digital” marketers are behind the times. The world is now post-digital because digital is a part of everything we do and the boundaries between digital and physical are blurred. For example, 59% of US adults use mobile phones while shopping in a physical store.
  • Brands need to focus on personalization and the customer experience. Forrester data shows that 86% of the marketing budget still goes to advertising, even though consumers distrust ads. Post-digital marketers will cater to what their customers actually want.
  • Companies need to adopt a new marketing mindset. The shift to post-digital marketing isn’t about adopting new technology or processes, as 43% of marketers still don’t know which digital marketing methods work best for them. To succeed, companies must embrace three new rules: Be human, be helpful, and be handy.

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