In a new B2B marketing TechRadar™ report, Forrester identified, evaluated, and ranked 17 of the most important B2B marketing technologies, including predictive analytics, social engagement platforms, content marketing platforms, enterprise social listening, and interactive marketing.

The report helps B2B marketers and CMOs plan the next decade of investments in B2B marketing technologies. Key findings include:

  • B2B customers typically spend between $30,000 and $100,000 or more per year on interactive marketing solutions.
  • Social engagement platforms receive mixed to poor marks for business impact, and few companies have experienced lasting success with social communities and blogging.
  • Enterprise social listening is underused and on track for minimal success. Marketers must integrate social intelligence data with other data from the organization and customers to reach full potential.
  • Through-channel marketing automation is one of the largest areas of growth among marketing technology and channel technology offerings.

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