According to new Forrester research, display ads are losing their effectiveness with mobile-first users in Asia Pacific, with many consumers choosing to avoid them completely. Especially with the latest move from Apple in the newly introduced iOS 9, which allows users to install software that blocks banner ads from appearing on mobile web browsers, advertisers have to be more creative than ever. Publishers and media owners will have to explore providing alternatives for their clients.

One way to circumvent this situation is to consider native advertising (also known as sponsored content), which is a nascent tool that B2C marketers can tap to deepen engagement with their customers. Forrester Research Senior Analyst Clement Teo has published a new report on native advertising, which outlines how marketers can work with partners in native advertising to deliver valuable branded content.

It is also important to note that while native advertising is an important component of content marketing, marketers must consider the risks of delivering inappropriate native advertising content. The key to success is in offering consumers not just a typical ad, but something that is relevant and adds to their experience, such as information on the amenities at a hotel chain for a travel site.

You can also read Clement Teo’s blog post on this topic.