Some 78% of US online youth use Facebook at least one a month, while 28% say they use the site “all the time,” according to a new Forrester survey of more than 4,500 youth ages 12 to 17. Comparatively, this equates to greater teen usage of Facebook than of Instagram and WhatsApp combined, with 52% and 20%, respectively, using these social networks at least once a month.

What’s more, 57% of teen users agree they use Facebook more than any other social site. So despite the recent hype, the data confirms teens are not fleeing Facebook en masse.

“Every site experiences churn, and Facebook is no exception,” writes Vice President and Principal Analyst Nate Elliott in new Forrester research. “But just as many young users say they’ve increased the time they spend on Facebook as say they’ve decreased usage. And promisingly for Facebook, the youngest users in our survey were the most likely to say they’re spending more time on the site.”

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