A staggering 78% of data breaches in the healthcare industry are due to lost or stolen devices, compared with just 15% in all other industries.

In new research, Forrester analyst Chris Sherman finds that despite a high level of consumer awareness around personal security, there is a dangerous perception within healthcare management that patient data is not an attractive target for hackers. One CIO for a large multihospital organization told Forrester, “We are not worried about hackers stealing personal healthcare information; they are more focused on credit card and intellectual property, neither of which we carry much of.” While this may have been true in the past, today the value of healthcare records far surpasses that of credit card information sold on the black market, fetching anywhere from $20 for a single health record to over $500 for a complete record on a patient with driver’s license, health insurance information, and other sensitive materials.

Learn more about the research here, which also includes data on security budgets, workforce mobility, and endpoint encryption practices at healthcare organizations.