In a new TechRadar™ report, Forrester identified and evaluated 22 of the most important big data technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to big-data-as-a-service, data integration, and predictive analytics. Ranking each technology from minimal to significant success, the report assesses each technology based on current state, future value, the next stage of maturity, and the overall trajectory.

Forrester found that a majority of big data technologies are in the growth or survival phases — including technologies like data encryption, data virtualization, stream analytics, and SQL-for-Hadoop — meaning that they have reached a state of deployment in the market.

Despite this level of maturity, businesses are becoming rapidly more sophisticated with their big data needs, demanding that the technologies they use deliver insights that actually improve their business model. Only one technology made it to the equilibrium phase — MPP data warehouse — meaning that it’s ranked highest to meet businesses’ end-to-end data management analytics challenges in the years to come.

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