The video game industry has always been a hub of innovation, leveraging emerging technologies to create new experiences for players. Cloud-native infrastructure and development are no different. New research from Forrester describes what infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals across all verticals should adopt, and avoid, in upcoming cloud projects.

Core takeaways include the following:

  • How using cloud-native technologies, the video game market has redefined scale. Millions of players are actively pounding on the same resources in real time. In the process, they’ve also forced the evolution of content delivery networks and hardware options through cloud. All of these have an impact on the options available for cloud-native development.
  • How using pre-built components like game engines and vertically aligned cloud offerings, game developers have been able to speed development and delivery. This, in turn, allows them to create tighter feedback loops and use real-time telemetry to influence development. The same innovation strategies can be applied to enterprise applications.
  • How the video game industry consistently adopts and improves on technologies that other industries are still experimenting with. From lowering the VR development barrier to pushing digital twins at a global scale, gaming is consistently several years ahead of most enterprises.

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