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Key Takeaways From SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez 7 days ago
From generative AI to cloud to pricing announcements, the recent SAP Sapphire in Orlando was a busy event. Read this blog to get our key takeaways and perspectives on the big announcements from SAP.

Insights From Cisco Live 2024: Splunk Integration, Security (And More Security), And AI Pragmatism

Stephanie Balaouras June 7, 2024
At its recent Cisco Live event, the tech giant made a number of new announcements, detailed plans for its $28 billion Splunk acquisition, and walked through its vision for the future. Get a detailed review in this post.

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Unleash The Power Of Tech: Technology & Innovation Summit North America

Matthew Guarini June 6, 2024
Technology and data leaders are at a pivotal moment, being pressed to chart a path that capitalizes on new and emerging technology to drive meaningful business results. Learn how Forrester’s annual Technology & Innovation Summit North America can help you get there.

Deciphering Cloud Costs: There’s Hope

What It Means May 30, 2024
There are a lot of reasons why cloud cost management is a thorn in the CIO’s side. In this episode, Principal Analyst Tracy Woo describes how FinOps, the FOCUS standard, and other new initiatives can help reduce cloud costs.

AI, Platforms, And Big Promises: What We Saw At Red Hat Summit

Lee Sustar May 23, 2024
IT platform teams are being pushed to deliver more and are eager for new solutions. Find out what solutions the 6,000 attendees at the Red Hat Summit in Denver got in early May in this review of the event.

Cloud Security Provider Wiz Raises $1B In VC Funding, Passes On Lacework Acquisition

Andras Cser May 20, 2024
Wiz (founded in 2020) announced a new VC funding round of $1 billion at a post-money valuation of $12 billion. Wiz has cumulatively raised $1.8 billion in venture capital, is generating over $350 million in annual recurring revenue, and is on an upward trajectory toward a likely IPO in 2025. This signals high investor confidence […]

With Selipsky Out, What’s Next For AWS?

Lee Sustar May 15, 2024
AWS announced this week that Adam Selipsky will depart as CEO and Matt Garman, AWS senior VP of sales and marketing, would replace him in June. Find out what the implications of this move could be at a critical time for AWS and the broader cloud market overall.

Will Your Emerging Tech Strategy Put You In Debt?

Learn how to deploy new tech without accruing technical debt by leveraging the models included in our technical debt toolkit.


GreenOps, FinOps, And The Sustainable Cloud

Dario Maisto May 10, 2024
Rising consumer pressure and new regulatory reporting requirements have opened the door to a new approach: GreenOps, or the practice of minimizing a cloud environment’s carbon footprint through the efficient use of cloud resources. Learn more about GreenOps in this post.

Thanks To Public Clouds, Vendors Can Better Serve The Long Tail Of B2B Commerce

Joe Cicman May 6, 2024
The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Solutions For B2B, Q2 2024, reveals that public clouds help vendors refocus on their markets by narrowing what used to be a chasm between being feature-rich or being architected for today. Now, B2B businesses can find a commerce solution provider that gives them the best of both: Architecture alliances let commerce […]

The Rise Of AI In The Cloud

What It Means April 25, 2024
How important is AI to cloud providers? And how vital is cloud to the expanding list of AI workloads? In this episode, Vice President and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri and Principal Analyst Lee Sustar explore all aspects of the rise of AI in the cloud.

Can Your IT Operating Model Keep Up With Cloud?

Lee Sustar April 23, 2024
Cloud has driven enterprise IT transformation with newfound speed and scale. But IT operating models haven’t always kept up. Learn how Forrester’s Cloud Operating Model Framework can help catch up.

Modernize Your Cloud Governance To Match Today’s Cloud Strategy

Tracy Woo April 17, 2024
As the cloud landscape adapts to new changes, there is a renewed interest in cloud governance programs. But implementation of cloud governance may prove to be more difficult than expected. Find out why.

Reflections On The Major Themes From Mobile World Congress 2024

Dan Bieler April 9, 2024
This year’s Mobile World Congress went well beyond the usual telco topics and themes. Learn six of the key themes coming out of one of the most important annual tech events in Europe.

Microsoft Unbundling Teams From Microsoft 365 Is Just A Sneaky Price Hike

Leslie Joseph April 8, 2024
Microsoft announced recently that it was unbundling Teams from its various Microsoft 365 plans worldwide. Find out what is actually changing and what it means for customers, regulators, and Microsoft.

Large Services Firms: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But So Is Coming Together

Bill Martorelli April 4, 2024
The boundaries of IT service providers are in flux due to a variety of motivations, and too often, customers are left with more questions than answers. Read this blog to get four tips for managing service provider transitions.

Your Cloud Strategy Is Now Your AI Strategy, Too

Lee Sustar April 1, 2024
The AI cloud is on the rise. Learn the key considerations that cloud customers should have as they sort out which cloud offerings fit and which don’t fit with their AI workload requirements.

Wasm Today, AI Tomorrow: KubeCon Expands Its Reach

Devin Dickerson March 28, 2024
GenAI, WebAssembly (Wasm), and cloud sustainability were big topics at KubeCon Europe 2024. Read our three key takeaways from the event as well as three recommended next steps in this review.

NVIDIA’s GTC 2024: A Leap Into GenAI

Charlie Dai March 20, 2024
Chipmaker NVIDIA announced some compelling new products and breakthroughs in AI infrastructure at its 2024 GPU Technology Conference. Get the details in this comprehensive review of the event.

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Application Modernization And Migration Services, Q1 2024

Bill Martorelli March 19, 2024
Learn who the six leaders are in Forrester's new Wave report on Application Modernization And Migration Services what they do to set themselves apart.

AWS Joins Google Cloud In Removing Egress Costs

Tracy Woo March 13, 2024
Learn two key steps your IT org should take in light of this announcement from AWS.
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