The colocation and data center markets have been undergoing rapid shifts in both the vendor landscape and the ways that customers consume services. With Europe and North America remaining the largest markets for global colocation providers, dominant players try to stand out by addressing key customer needs and trends in different ways. 

New Forrester research identifies major themes we’ll see in the data center and colocation markets in 2021 and beyond. Key takeaways include: 

  • Colocation providers have become far more than infrastructure providers: Leading players will position themselves as partners in digital transformation and offer neutral service marketplaces. 
  • Sustainability, Edge Computing, And Interconnection Drive New Trends: Sustainability and green energy procurement efforts are taking center stage. At the same time, research shows that findings  data center workloads increased by 650% between 2010 and 2019 while overall energy use remained flat. 
  • M&A activities are consolidating the market: Vendors are rarely pursuing organic growth and colocation players with an existing multisite footprint have become especially attractive for acquisition. 

Forrester Analyst Abhijit Sunil is available for interviews to discuss further.