Forrester Decisions for Sales Enablement

Ever-evolving buyers, products, and selling tools can be difficult to keep up with, even for veteran sellers. And it’s not just the sales organization that faces these challenges. Indeed, all customer-facing professionals must have the competence, confidence, and content to optimize their ongoing impact and maximize every buyer interaction.​

Forrester Decisions for Sales Enablement helps leaders adapt to changing business needs and grow revenue through a proven strategic approach. With a combination of bold vision, curated tools and frameworks, and hands-on guidance, you’ll generate measurable improvements in seller competence and productivity.

Maximize Every Buyer Interaction

Equip Teams Faster

Accelerate onboarding and skill development with enhanced learning strategies and training content.

Optimize Asset Management

Manage access to sales assets and strengthen the infrastructure that distributes content across the business.

Become An Enablement Pro

Share the latest enablement methodologies and best practices across your organization.

Key Priorities

As a sales enablement leader, you’re under constant pressure to deliver on today’s priorities while staying one step ahead of what’s coming tomorrow. Forrester Decisions for Sales Enablement is tailored to help you focus on your most pressing priorities:

  • Design, develop, and deliver your enablement function.
  • Support sales talent acquisition.
  • Prepare new sellers with effective onboarding.
  • Optimize ongoing sales readiness.
  • Enhance sales asset and content effectiveness.
  • Communicate with and advocate for sellers.
  • Build, buy, and deploy your sales methodology.

What’s Included In This Service

Forrester Decisions services are uniquely built to give you strategic insights for your role as a business leader in your organization and help you deliver on your functional role as a division or department leader. Here’s what’s inside:

Stay ahead of changing customer and market dynamics, plan for the future, and set your strategy with leading research. ​

  • Customer obsession research
  • Customer insights
  • Trends and predictions
  • Market forecasts
  • Technology and service provider landscapes

Empower your team to conquer your priorities with proven strategic models and plug-and-play templates. ​

  • KPIs and peer benchmarks​
  • Assessments​
  • Strategic models​
  • Strategy templates​
  • Forrester Wave™ evaluations for your function
  • Certification courses

Accelerate progress and de-risk decisions with best practices tailored to you and your team​.

  • Guidance sessions​
  • Peer discussions
  • Event attendance​
  • Dedicated relationship management

Our new sales messaging has empowered our reps to engage high-level buyers according to each buyer’s organizational and functional needs.

— Director of global sales enablement and development programs, large technology company

Service Model Spotlight

The Forrester Sales Enablement Success Pathway

The Sales Enablement Success Pathway provides chief sales officers, sales operations teams, and sales enablement leaders at B2B organizations with a working roadmap to provide the confidence, competence, and content required for their sellers to consistently meet and beat quota. ​

Support For Leaders And Team Members

Forrester Decisions for Sales Enablement offers multiple levels of service to ensure the right expertise and degree of support for you and your team.  All service levels offer access to research, tools, data, and certification courses.


Procure deep expertise across your functional discipline through expert-led guidance sessions that help you apply unique research, tools, and data to your specific needs.


Develop a common language and toolset to strengthen your team’s expertise and skill sets with access to relevant certification courses and insights.

Meet A Few Of Our Sales Enablement Analysts

Looking for more time with experts? 

Get in touch with our consultants to jump-start your initiative, execute on your B2B transformational strategies, or anything in between.


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