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Announcing Forrester’s B2B Program Of The Year Award Winners For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
Get ready to be inspired by these best-practice program implementations across B2B marketing, sales, and product. We reveal which eight companies will be honored at B2B Summit North America in May.

Three Key Findings From The Forrester Wave™: Sales Readiness Solutions, Q4 2023

Eric Zines December 14, 2023
The stakes are high for B2B seller enablement. As enterprise buyers tighten their budgets, the competency of B2B sellers is more critical than ever before. Sales readiness solution vendors are keenly aware of and focused on the challenges that sales leadership and revenue enablement teams face in equipping sellers with the knowledge, skills, and process […]

Leveling Up Enablement Best Practices

Eric Zines November 1, 2022
Every so often, it’s helpful to test your accepted categories, truisms, and maxims to ensure that they hold up to time, technology advances, and changing buyers. In 2022, I had the good fortune to collaborate with some of Forrester’s best and brightest analysts, and the result in each case was a challenge to my own […]

Ignore These Three Things To Guarantee A Sales Methodology Disastrophy

Eric Zines August 23, 2022
Selecting, launching, and sustaining a new B2B sales methodology can be an overwhelming project for sales enablement teams. Sales leaders frequently underestimate the commitment required to realize the expected business impact of a methodology deployment, resulting in an endless cycle of starts, slow-motion failures, and restarts … rinse and repeat. The most common explanation offered […]

Sales Enablement Technology Decisions Just Got Easier: Introducing The Now Tech Report For 2022

Peter Ostrow June 23, 2022
Sales enablement automation (SEA) solutions equip sellers with personalized training and content to effectively engage with and meet the expectations of increasingly digital-first buyers. Over the past decade, these solutions have evolved and empowered B2B revenue teams to: Optimize sales processes. Break down organizational silos. Shorten time-to-competency. Measure the impact of enablement programs. These technologies […]

The Great Sales Content Disconnect

Jennifer Bullock April 20, 2022
Today, both sellers and buyers are forced to navigate a perfect storm of content, as the average number of interactions per B2B buying cycle has jumped 54% over the past two years and reps have an average of 1,400 sales assets to choose from. While reps now have more tools to leverage than ever before […]

2021: The Sales Enablement Year In Review

Peter Ostrow December 14, 2021
A number of trends in the B2B sales space have disrupted, challenged, and motivated sales enablement teams this year. As the first quarter of 2022 begins, let’s understand how these macro trends and the pandemic have reshaped our function and industry. First, the multitude of sales enablement tech acquisitions we’ve seen allows us to brag […]

Sales Enablement And The Great Resignation — Three Things You Need To Do NOW

Eric Zines November 11, 2021
Between April and August of 2021, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an alarming trend for businesses: The number of resignations, or the “quits rate” as they call it, began to climb to record monthly highs. In August, 2.9% of the labor force resigned, which is up from a “normal” run rate of around […]

Build Or Buy A Sales Methodology? What You Need To Know Before You Decide

Eric Zines October 5, 2021
When confronted with the price tag for implementing a commercial sales methodology, many B2B sales and sales enablement leaders consider the option of building one in-house. The reasoning being: We are completely unique, and no off-the-shelf methodology would work here; plus we know our customers, we know our sales process, and we have sales learning […]

What Is A “Hybrid” Sales Kickoff?

Eric Zines September 21, 2021
Yay, autumn! The time when those of us who didn’t put last winter’s work into building this summer’s beach body can finally relax … some more. We’re trying to figure out what to do with enough garden tomatoes to start a small Italian restaurant and what to do with the balance of our vacation days […]

Sales Enablement Leaders: Name The Last Time You Spoke With A Buyer

Eric Zines August 23, 2021
As enablement professionals, how do we keep from becoming disconnected ivory tower philosophers? Consider these six strategies.

Is Your Sales Methodology An Innie Or An Outie?

Eric Zines July 22, 2021
Don’t worry, this is not a discussion about navels; it is an attempt to provide some very basic categorization of sales methodologies based on whether the methodology addresses internal or external interactions.

Three Sales Methodology Trends We Can All Get Behind

Eric Zines December 15, 2020
The days of sales methodology vendors offering a single strategy for every selling situation may be numbered. Vendors are now aiming to address sellers' specific challenges — and they're doing so with urgency.

Four Critical Planning Considerations For Sales Enablement Leaders In 2021

Eric Zines October 20, 2020
Sales enablement leaders should be prepared to optimize and expand the all-virtual environment in 2021. Annual planning — for resources, personnel, and programs — will be particularly difficult as enablement leaders solve for the current environment but also anticipate what comes next. Improve your odds for success with the four following suggestions.

Five Questions To Ask Before Changing Sales Methodologies

Eric Zines September 25, 2020
Sales methodology is a topic that evokes a wide range of comprehension among sales professionals, largely depending on their personal history with the methodologies their previous employers used.