Jay Pattisall, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

As CMOs strive to deliver more impactful experiences, the agencies serving them are feeling the strain. Compounding the pressures are stagnant growth and tightened competition for big clients, with more large organizations bringing key agency capabilities back in-house.

2020 will force a reckoning for agency leaders. In this week’s episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall explains how agencies will reconfigure their workforces, processes, and approaches to drive results.

Automation will begin reshaping agency functions such as project management, account management, and media planning to drive efficiencies. Data and technology will also increasingly power creative functions. The result will be closer human-tech collaboration and, potentially, better customization and scale.

The scope of the change will be broad and disruptive, but it could signal a rebirth, Pattisall says. As traditionally separate functions such as media, creative, and digital strategy start to more closely align, brands and agencies may start to forge more constructive relationships and deliver better marketing and advertising experiences. Success will depend on leaders reimagining ways of working and maintaining operational focus as they implement change.