Angelina Gennis, Analyst

Show Notes:

“Break on through to the other side.” — The Doors

CX progress is hard to come by these days, as Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) scores indicate. Analyst Angelina Gennis explains that it’s partly because customer experience organizations have accidentally siloed themselves, trying to do the intricate work of serving customers better with minimal input from other organizations. Given the number of touchpoints customers encounter throughout their lifecycle, and the relatively few full-time CX employees at the average firm, this is an impossible task.

Fortunately, CX champions programs can help bridge the gap. These programs identify CX ambassadors across the enterprise to expand the adoption of CX best practices. For most CX orgs, headcount isn’t keeping pace with the heightened complexity of their work. CX champions programs can also be a resource-efficient way to increase manpower without increasing headcount.

For a program like this to succeed, CX pros must ensure that there’s reasonably quick payoff for participants and executives. On the operational side, a small, focused pilot program with a limited number of participants is your best bet. Programs do best when they’re two-way streets, so establish feedback loops and adequate recognition for your champions from the program’s outset. On the executive side, tie CX goals back to business goals and clearly demonstrate the financial ROI of CX to build a strong case for a champions program.

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