Show Notes:

In this special episode, we’ll revisit some of Forrester’s top predictions for 2021 for CMOs, CIOs, CX, and European business leaders.

CMOs faced a bumpy ride in 2020, with media plans abruptly discarded and budgets slashed. VP and Principal Analyst Shar VanBoskirk tells us that CMOs will have to redefine their role in 2021 if they want to continue to thrive.

In the B2B space, the pandemic accelerated a number of existing trends. Vice President Lori Wizdo and Principal Analyst Mary Shea tell us that in 2021, AI and other technologies will help B2B marketers and sellers deliver richer, more intuitive experiences within the buyer journey.

CX organizations will have a new challenge to tackle in 2021: fostering consumer trust. Vice President David Truog says post-pandemic, consumers will be drawn to brands whose safety protocols meet their standards.

For CIOs, resilience was the top priority during the pandemic in 2020. But Vice Presidents Matt Guarini and Brian Hopkins say technology leaders will have to double down on innovation efforts if they want bring true business value to their firms in the coming year.

Vice President Laura Koetzle tells us that European business leaders will have both Brexit-related challenges as well as new AI regulations coming at them in 2021, after some high-profile missteps last year.

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