Martha Bennett, VP, Principal Analyst and Jost Hoppermann, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Does artificial intelligence have a bright future in the banking sector? Is there a role for low-code? Should your bank be looking into gamification to improve customer experience?

These are the questions many banks are struggling with today. In this episode of What It Means, Forrester Vice Presidents Martha Bennett and Jost Hoppermann help banks separate the truly promising technologies from the truly overhyped.

The analysts begin by discussing the role AI plays in the banking industry (hint: It’s both hot and hype), diving deep into how specific functionality such as machine learning and natural language processing could be applied in the industry.

Hoppermann examines how banks are using low-code platforms, emphasizing that the desire to maintain control over code is strong in the highly regulated banking industry.

And no discussion of emerging technology can happen without addressing blockchain. “It is in use today but clearly hasn’t lived up to the promises made four years ago,” says Bennett. “But the amount of hype at that time — no technology could live up to those expectations.”

Listen to the full episode to learn which other technologies deserve banking’s attention (and investment) and which ones are overhyped.