Nigel Fenwick, Vice President, Principal Analyst

Show notes:

Traditional companies are at a crossroads. Customers have — and are willing to put money behind — a rising set of expectations for digital experiences. They are willing to experiment, take risks, move spend, and shift allegiances in order to get what they want. They are willing to be influenced by the growing number of disruptors who have taken the lead in delivering differentiated experiences.

Traditional companies bring formidable strengths to the market: incumbency, scale, experience, and data, to name a few. However, they were not born as digital disruptors — or better stated, digital innovators and agitators — and while self-disruption may be a consistent theme in the market, it is hard to do.

In this episode, Nigel Fenwick makes the argument that although disruptors are inherently sexy, the ability for traditional companies to disrupt the market themselves is far more significant.