Su Doyle, Senior Analyst and Angelina Gennis, Senior Analyst

Show Notes:

Success with customer experience (CX) requires rallying the entire organization around the customer. That’s impossible to achieve without collaboration. CX leaders must work effectively across the organization to make their CX vision a reality. In this episode of What It Means, Senior Analysts Su Doyle and Angelina Gennis explain strategies that companies have used to build bridges and move the needle.

First off, they explain that not all CX organizations are starting from the same place. The CX function may have developed out of marketing, customer service, and sales, among others. So today’s CX teams are maturing from different origin points, with varied skill sets and existing cultures. They also operate in organizations with wildly different customer bases, goals, industries, and operating models.

Doyle and Gennis encourage CX leaders to play to their organization’s strengths when it comes to collaboration. Maybe your organization is process oriented, like Best Buy. Its CX team tapped into the company’s existing commitment to Six Sigma, a set of techniques for process improvement. The CX team used that commitment to spur a customer-centric transformation of the supply chain. Best Buy was able to get inventory closer to customers, which meant that it could fulfill curbside orders only 30 minutes after customers placed them. As a result, 83% of Best Buy customers who said they’d recommend the brand said that curbside pickup was the reason.

Listen to the full episode to hear about more collaboration strategies, the companies that use them, and how, when, and why they work.