Judy Weader, Principal Analyst

Martin Gill, VP, Research Director

Show Notes:

There’s lots of good news for customer experience (CX) leaders in 2024. Generative AI (genAI) will give CX teams a huge boost. As a result, the global average customer experience will improve for the first time in three years. Listen to this Predictions 2024 episode featuring VP and Research Director Martin Gill and Principal Analyst Judy Weader to discover what CX leaders can expect in the year to come. 

GenAI will quickly make an impact in customer service. Internal apps will augment customer service agents’ efficiency. Weader says that she’s already starting to see companies make gains using genAI in this way. Instead of searching through multiple databases and knowledge portals for information while an increasingly annoyed customer waits, agents will ask natural language questions and get answers. This access to just-in-time information will be transformative.  

But there is a huge risk that could send these efforts awry. Gill notes that more than one-third of CX leaders can’t map the operational drivers of CX to their customers’ perceptions. Without that bedrock understanding of what affects CX perception, CX organizations will struggle to deliver value with genAI.  

This is related to another key prediction for 2024: Half of large global firms will report CX metrics, but only 5% will link them to financials. Despite CX’s increasing prominence in many organizations, CX leaders still struggle to demonstrate business results, Weader explains. Gill urges leaders to be wary of benchmarks and focus on telling a compelling financial story. Pressure to tie CX to business results will rise throughout 2024.