Generative AI

Generative AI is defined as set of technologies and techniques that leverage very large corpuses of data, including large language models like GPT-3, to generate new content. Inputs for generative AI may be natural language prompts or other non-code and non-traditional inputs. Generative AI is sometimes referred to as AI generated content or AIGC and can be used by a variety of roles and functions in the enterprise.



Defending AI Models: From Soon To Yesterday

Jeff Pollard May 24, 2023
Enterprise adoption of fine-tuned large language models is already underway, forcing cybersecurity teams to learn quickly how to protect them.

Google I/O 2023: As Far As The AI Can See

Rowan Curran May 18, 2023
AI was center stage at Google I/O 2023 and much of it was generative AI (GenAI). Get a detailed analysis of the event including why enterprises need to focus on the launch of PaLM 2 and Vertex AI.

Integrate Generative AI Into Your SDLC

Join us for an on-demand webinar to explore the impact of generative AI on development and testing – and how TuringBots fit into the SDLC mix.


Can Synthetic Data Help Deliver On The Promise Of AIOps?

Carlos Casanova May 9, 2023
Tools leveraging ML models in dynamic environments must be continuously fed new data in order to adapt to changing conditions and goals. They need to learn as much as possible about their new environments before being fully able and safe to provide service and ultimately deliver value. Synthetic data can help address these and other AI/ML challenges.

Seriously, Stop Putting Consumer Data Into ChatGPT

Stephanie Liu May 3, 2023
I’ve seen an alarming number of posts on LinkedIn and Mastodon reminding people not to input company and consumer data into ChatGPT. It’s an important reminder but one that also highlights the need for this blog post: There’s no way of knowing what happens to that data. DO NOT PUT IT INTO A GENERATIVE AI […]

Insights From The 2023 RSA Conference: Generative AI, Quantum, And Innovation Sandbox

Allie Mellen May 2, 2023
RSAC 2023 is a wrap! The Forrester security and risk team had 11 attendees at the RSA Conference last week. We really enjoyed meeting with clients and colleagues old and new — and now we’re exhausted. It’s no mystery why; as a team, we collectively participated in over 230 meetings and took more than 1.5 […]

Knowledge Management, I’d Like To Introduce My New Friend, Generative AI

Julie Mohr May 2, 2023
The promise of AI in knowledge management has lingered on the fringes for years — the application of AI was just outside of possible and not quite ready for prime time. And then into the room walked our new friend, generative AI. It has turned the knowledge management world upside down.

Hannover Messe 2023: It’s Back

Paul Miller April 28, 2023
Hannover Messe 2023 was bigger than last year, with lots of ChatGPT and metaverse, but also a welcome dose of pragmatism.

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Are LLMs Poised To Be A Great Business Intelligence Equalizer? Not Yet.

Boris Evelson April 20, 2023
The generative AI boom is fundamentally changing the landscape of vendor offerings. We believe that one largely ignored area where generative AI will have a disruptive impact is enterprise analytics, specifically business intelligence (BI). In the last few weeks, Forrester has seen a flurry of BI vendor announcements (surprise, surprise) on recently rolled-out functionality or […]

Autonomous Workplace Assistants Get A Boost From Generative AI

Craig Le Clair April 18, 2023
Learn how the emerging technology of generative AI could change autonomous workplace assistants.

How Will Generative AI Change Business?

What It Means April 13, 2023
Generative AI is everywhere lately, but what will its real impact be on the enterprise? In this episode, Analyst Rowan Curran separates the hype from reality.

AI-Powered Rap Song Heralds New, Unprecedented Experiences

Zhi Ying Barry April 12, 2023
If you’ve been an avid follower of emerging technologies or artificial intelligence specifically, the past four months or so have been exhilarating, to say the least. You might have come across this track, “Savages” by French band AllttA, which seemingly features billionaire rap star JAY-Z and is honestly quite a good tune: But JAY-Z was […]

Four Reasons Why You Can’t Trust ChatGPT With Your Customers

Max Ball April 12, 2023
ChatGPT is hot right now — but you can't trust it with your customers. Learn why ChatGPT isn't going to replace your contact center any time soon.

Risk Or Reward? Generative AI’s Impact On The Software Development Lifecycle

The risks of using AI for development and testing are real — but so are the rewards.    Join our analysts for this webinar to learn how, when, and why tech leaders are turning to AI to streamline software development lifecycle (SDLC) tasks – and how TuringBots fit into the mix.

Recapping The Global Privacy Summit: AI Is Everything Everywhere All At Once

Stephanie Liu April 7, 2023
This week, I attended the Global Privacy Summit, hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. This is my fourth time attending, and the shortest way to recap the event is: AI is so hot right now. It was the topic of the opening keynote, the closing keynote, and many sessions in between, including debates […]

Google’s Virtual Assistant Plans Signal A Market Shift In Conversational AI

Michele Goetz April 5, 2023
It was reported last week that Google is shifting resources within its virtual assistant unit from Assistant to Bard, its intelligent chat technology. This comes as no surprise to Forrester. Google has a long history of launching and discontinuing services that fail to gain traction with consumers, and voice has failed to do so. Amazon […]

Let The Battle Begin: Privacy Versus ChatGPT

Enza Iannopollo April 3, 2023
ChatGPT is in trouble with privacy. As part of an open investigation, the Italian regulator has stopped the use of ChatGPT in Italy. According to the regulator, ChatGPT fails to inform users about the personal data it collects and processes, it doesn’t provide a clear legal basis for the processing activity it engages on, and it […]

The Edge Of The Age Of AI

James L. McQuivey, PhD March 29, 2023
Old AI is to generative AI as Yahoo! is to Google. And it's poised to change every job, dramatically altering the future of work.

Generative AI Is Coming To Coaching, Ready Or Not

Betsy Summers March 28, 2023
Five years ago, my colleagues and I discussed the merits and possibilities of digital and AI-based coaching. I had just completed an intensive coaching course and was fired up about how transformative it would be if all employees could have access to a coach, and AI-based coaching had the promise to do that — because, […]

Generative AI Goes Mainstream In Security With Microsoft Security Copilot

Allie Mellen March 28, 2023
Typically, security is late to the game with technology innovation. Before we get to see innovative technology, we have to wait for it to matter to security. This time, however, is different. In January, we predicted how the announcement of ChatGPT could change cybersecurity, and today, our predictions were validated again with the announcement of […]

Beyond The Hype Of Generative AI For Users Of Sales Tech

Seth Marrs March 20, 2023
This blog provides an overview of what generative AI is — and what it is not — for B2B sales organizations.
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