Keith Johnston, Vice President, Research Director and Matthew Guarini, Vice President, Research Director


Show notes:

2018 will see squeezes, shifts, and new strategies for the CMO and CIO as they navigate their own political waters and steer their company in turbulent times.

CEOs have indirectly showed their hand (and their different levels of confidence in their CMOs and CIOs) by introducing new roles and governing structures. The chief growth officer (CGO) or chief customer officer (CCO) appears to be an evolution (read: expansion of influence) for some CMOs who are promoted into these roles and a demotion for those who now report to these roles. The introduction of the chief digital officer (CDO) and chief data officer (CDO) suggest that CEOs believe they need business- and digital-first leadership at this critical time.

Although this is a bit of acronym soup, there are core messages that speak to the 2018 (r)evolution of the CMO and CIO. To the CMO: Drive growth through superior understanding of the customer. To the CIO: Drive digital transformation and harness — and in some cases, monetize — the full value of data. For both roles, taking the lead on these initiatives is no small task and comes with notable pressure.

In this episode, Keith Johnston and Matt Guarini discuss the changing face of and mandate on CMOs and CIOs as they collectively lead change in a dynamic, consequence-heavy market.