Matt Guarini, VP, Research Director, Keith Johnston, VP, Research Director, and Sam Stern, Principal Analyst


Show notes:

Economies are growing. Stock markets are climbing. Employment is healthy. These are all positive signs of the marketplace as a whole. But the fate of individual companies has never been more uncertain, and the window of opportunity is closing for many companies unprepared or unable to adapt to new market realities.

In 2018, there will be a bifurcation of the market — leaders will see this as a year to press down on the accelerator, while laggards will continue down a cost-cutting path, incapable of finding a way to invest in new initiatives or, perhaps worse, unable to see the opportunities for investment. For many firms, the questions will be: How do we run faster? How do we shift to a new, digital-first model? How do we create and accelerate the cultural change necessary to ensure we’re on the winning side of this equation?

In this episode, Matt Guarini, Keith Johnston, and Sam Stern dissect the market dynamics that favor those taking aggressive action and create existential risk for those still holding on to what has worked before.