I had a number of people write in after I blogged about spam SMS. Most were asking if these are really Premium SMS'.

I can now confirm that yes, they are. I have indeed been charged for each of the spam SMS' I received. I found the charges on page eight out of nine pages of my mobile phone bill. There is also no doubt that the charges are for SMS.ac messages – they are itemized on my bill.

I will now be looking for a way to kill my SMS.ac account. There must be better ways to build mobile ad networks.

I sat in on a panel discussion today. The presenter said "mobile marketing has arrived." I have no idea what he meant – "it has arrived" – it is not as though it is a piece of mail delivered to my home. There are folks experimenting with it, but it is certainly still in the experimental stages. I am very optimistic about mobile marketing, but I don't believe it's here today.